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With web ads, “banner blindness” is a serious problem. It’s when a user subconsciously ignores a banner ad, thinking it’s irrelevant. In recent years, “native ads” have attracted attention as solution to this problem.

Native ads are provided with displays and functions desginated similarly to the relevant content, so they’re better at reaching users who would otherwise subconsciously ignore banner ads. We expect native ads to have a brand-lifting effect in various ways, such as achieving recognition and stimulating purchase View Less

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Tao Cheng CEO popIn Inc.
Daisuke Takahashi CEO popIn Korea Inc. 
Toru Kanaya マネージャー popIn Inc.
Motohiro Fukuoka 情熱大陸 プロデューサー 株式会社毎日放送
Hidetomo Yamamoto popIn Inc.
Masato Ichikawa デジタルビジネス推進局 データマーケティンググループ グループ長 ぴあ株式会社

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