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The huge trend of technology innovation in Agriculture, called ”AgriTech”, is spreading. There are many technology components such as sensors to monitor not only outside circumstances (ex. temperature) but also soil conditions (ex. pH) as AgriTech.
Most people think and believe the future of the agricultural innovation will be defined by these AgriTech.
These technologies to visualize various conditions, on the other side, is by not disruptive technology invention but generic components integration.

Visualizing technology on the inside conditions of plants (biometric information) or gene (genome information) has finally dawned right now. We call them ”AgriScience”. If we could access them through digital platform, we will be able to push the edge of enormous agricultural innovation. Through AgriScience we will be able to maximize the health balance of seedlings or quality or yields of harvest dramatically.

Dr.Iwata and President.Kitagawa are the frontrunner of AgriScience in Japan so that this session will suggest the true demands on agricultural innovation. Mr.Kurita(moderator) who was at advertising agency and just founded agri-startup will investigate agriculture future with the view of "market-in". You (audiences) should forecast the not short-term future but middle-term future. This session will tell you the ”hidden truth” in AgriTech:

”Most people think the future of the Agriculture will be defined by AgriTech, but the truth is that AgriScience matters more. View Less


Hiroshi Kurita CEO, co-founder seak inc.
Hiroto Kitagawa CEO PLANT DATA
HIroyoshi Iwata Associate Professor Laboratory of Biometry and Bioinformatics in Univ. Tokyo

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