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The rise of technology in advertising has created a mathematical black hole. A tech conversation to answer a psychological problem. Join David
from Dentsu media Australia and Peter from Neuro Insight to explore the world of neuro research and how it is unlocking the real impact of advertising.

Today marketers are seeking to create experiences. Shifting from buying impressions to making an impression. In a tech driven world finding people is becoming easier. But is influencing them? Experiences are visceral by nature. And the brain is more camera than recorder. So, if we think in math we are thinking consciously. And the brain is selective. Subconscious. There is a different story to be told…

In this session we’ll show you how time is actually not linear. And a 30” moment can attract, hold or lose attention in a heartbeat. There is a dramatic difference between time spent with and how we remember. Only when we look at both conscious and subconscious signals together can we truly understand how to deliver experiences that make a lasting impression. View Less


David Hearn National Head of Communication Designs Dentsu Mitchell Media Australia Pty Ltd
Peter Pynta Director - Sales & Marketing Neuro-Insight Pty Ltd.

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