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Today, there is a surplus of apps that keep track of assets and collect vital user data. These apps are of interest to both the information providers and the companies that eventually use the data. Businesses today are also looking more closely at the transaction value of the personal data they own, as well as the data they collect from third parties. In this session, learn why people are beginning to assess businesses by their ability to increase value from personal data.

What kind of insights can we discover from the behavior of individuals in terms of how they permit use or storage of their personal data? Furthermore, what would be the impact of personal data analysis that allows us to predict potential desires and future behaviors of individuals? Two key frontrunners in this field, Money Forward and Luna Luna, provide their views on a society in which personal data empowers individuals. View Less


Izumi Okoshi Executive Business Creation Director, Business Creation Center DENTSU INC.
Maaya Hine Director, Luna Luna MTI Ltd.
Toshio Taki Board Director Money Forward, Inc.

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