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Thanks to globalization, Asia continues to contribute to the forefront of the global economy. In the world of modern advertising, the “Asian way” has become more and more popular on a global scale. The unique traditions and values in Asian culture makes each Asian country different from the rest. We can gather learnings from those diverse Asian markets to then formulate intelligent platforms and advance new possibilities which allow for us to learn from each other and excel in the global arena.

"GlobalizAsian: Advancing New Possibilities" is the theme for the upcoming AdAsia Congress in Bali. AdAsia is the largest advertising congress in Asia, organized bi-annually by the Asian Federation of Advertising Association (AFAA). It is an excellent forum for knowledge sharing among marketing and creative industry practitioners globally. In AdAsia2017, we will showcase the latest and best worldwide marketing practices as well as fresh innovation and creativity that is coming out of Asia. View Less

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Janoe Arijanto CEO Dentsu One Indonesia
Maya Watono CEO Dwi Sapta Group (A Dentsu Aegis Network Company)

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