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How long did it take to put together your most recent campaign?
1 month? Or even 3 months?
We used to believe that the more time we invest, the more meticulously planned campaigns we create.
But hasn’t the world around us changed by the time you’re done?

In fact, what we need in today’s world is a fundamentally new and disruptive “way” to create our ads.

TBWA\HAKUHODO, with its “DISRUPTION(R)” philosophy, has created a new way using social dashboard to capture social insights and opportunities for brands in real-time, enabling immediate action.

How effective is this sort of change in our process?
How will AI accelerate this evolution?

We’ll give you a glimpse of what is to come. View Less

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Kazuaki Kuribayashi Buzz Machine TBWA\HAKUHODO
Yuta Kanekiyo Digital Strategist TBWA\HAKUHODO

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