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Ads are often ignored as a nuisance that interferes with viewing content. Many users dislike them, and ad blocking apps have entered the higher levels of the paid app rankings.

We are living in an age where unintended content, unintended screens, and displaying of ads at the unintended timing can damage the brand.

The essence of advertising is described as “advertising to the most appropriate people, in the most appropriate places, with the most appropriate timing”.

In addition, from a branding perspective, “in the most appropriate format” is also an important aspect.

In this session, we will consider these changes and explore the ideal state of branding in operational ads, as well as its future, including potential roles of LINE as an ad platform. View Less

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Yuki Ikehata Sales Manager, LINE Ads Platform Business Promotion LINE Corp.
Yuki Kikuhara DivisionManager Cyberagent
Mitsue Masuda DivisionManager Cyberagent

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