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The internet as we know it is broken. If you think about it, it only really works for a few big Silicon Valley players at the expense of everyone else. But change is coming, and it’s seismic.

In this session Yahoo’s Dan Richardson will explore, in 10 slides or less, where we’ve gone wrong and how we can fix it to make a truly open, honest and fair internet.

Dan will be joined by ADMA's Sarla Fernando for a fireside chat. From user data, identity, permission and simple ethics, they'll delve into how we can all work together to reshape a free and open internet that works for all sides. It’s not a utopian dream — it’s for real.

They promise to cut the jargon and help set a framework every business across the spectrum can work towards. Don’t miss out!
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Understand the challenges plaguing the current internet models.
  2. Learn about the opportunities we have to create a new model and fix the issues.
  3. Get insights from leading thinkers in the field on ways you can be part of the solution.

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Sarla Fernando Head of Regulatory & Advocacy Advisor ADMA
Dan Richardson Director, Head of Data APAC Yahoo

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Track  AdTech and Insight