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When it comes to climate change, businesses have a massive role to play. Not only are businesses being called to stand accountable for their environmental footprint and that of their supply chains; but they have also begun to recognise that engaging their customers and investors in their ESG journey is not only an additional critical element required to achieve their sustainability targets but also one that strengthens brand loyalty and increases their customer base.

Whilst many businesses are earnestly seeking out ways to engage in more sustainable practices, social filtering tactics like greenwashing have the power to alienate even the most engaged consumers and investors, leading them to search out competitors with more transparent and dedicated practices.

So how can data be used to save the planet, and how can businesses clearly communicate their sustainability value proposition to stakeholders to create a clear competitive advantage for their brands?

Join this panel of industry leaders who focus their powers on helping some of the largest companies in the world perform more sustainably, achieve ESG milestones, and use all the available data to help build a brighter future for all. View Less

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  1. Deeper understanding of how consumer sentiment and buying signals are shifting as they become more aware of doing their part for sustainability.
  2. Deeper understanding of how valuable access to ESG data will become for organisations as consumer sentiment. and buying behaviours shift
  3. Deeper understanding of how data can be used to support the sustainability narrative an organisation communicates with their consumers.

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Kathryn Sforcina Global Head of Strategy IV.AI
Olivia Tyler Managing Director Australia and New Zealand Edge Environment
David Vander Regional Vice President Salesforce

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