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The music video has proven to be evergreen in its universal appeal as a content set for consumers but equally evergreen in its ability to adapt to the dominant form factor of the day.

Join us as we explore the enduring power of the art form that is the music video. Why music videos are more impactful than ever on CTV, and why more than any other content set, music videos continue to have an enduring cultural relevance to consumers of all ages.

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  1. With more CTV devices in the living room than ever before, primetime is anytime.
  2. Prioritising ease of access for viewers is crucial in establishing a diverse CTV audience.
  3. Combining linear programming with a robust VOD library gives viewers the power of choice and ultimately drives audience reach and engagement.
  4. Gen-Z viewing behaviour is already establishing new norms for living room viewing.

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Steve Sos Managing Director, AU/NZ Vevo
Cassandra McDonald Senior Manager, UK and International Research Vevo
Tim O'Connor Head of Sales, AU/NZ Vevo

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Track  Creative Concepts