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Consumers today have more media and channel options to choose from than ever before, and the overwhelming majority want to decide when and where they interact with brands. Industry changes continue to impact how advertisers reach audiences, so how should brands address these challenges and build strategies for the future?

This panel will explore how the right approach to content, commerce and community can help brands tell their stories, reaching customers where they are and when they’re most receptive.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Developing creative and effective approaches to content, commerce and community.
  2. Building future-proof campaigns, using tools and strategies that stand up to industry changes.
  3. Lessons from campaigns that reached the right audiences at the right time.

Presented with


Kelly Wearmouth General Manager, Australia and New Zealand Amazon Ads
Ricky Chanana Head of Sales, Australia and New Zealand Twitch
Alana Pozzebon Head of Digital and Comms, Maybelline New York and essie L'Oréal
Sophie Price Chief Strategy Officer MediaCom

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