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Messaging has changed the way we interact in our personal lives, and now it’s changing how we do business. With the rapid shifts in consumer communication behaviour, what do businesses need to do to connect with customers through messaging?

This session shows businesses how Meta technologies enable them to seamlessly chat one-to-one with their customers at scale and take advantage of the new economic opportunities that come along as part of the conversation.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The technology to transfer a chatbot conversation into a conversation with a real agent is here.
  2. Every conversation is an opportunity to have a sales conversation.
  3. Conversations can continue, post-purchase in the same in-app chat thread, integrated with a business’s marketing, ordering, payments and logistics systems.

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Paul McCrory Group Director ANZ Meta
Anthony Coviello Executive, Digital Engagement National Australia Bank

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Track  AdTech and Insight