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Technology is non-negotiable for anyone in the media space today. But with the whole internet about to undergo the biggest capability shakeup it has seen, what works for your business today may very well not be a goer tomorrow.

In this session, we’ll dive deep to explore the technologies and capabilities which are coming to the fore in the next few years to create more change for publishers and marketers?

Join Outbrain and some special guests for this deep-dive conversation which will unpack how some of the very best in the business are thinking about their long-term plans and seizing the strategic imperative to get ahead of the game and seize the advantage against their competitors. Can you afford to miss out?

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The growing need to adapt media channels.
  2. Practical steps on experimenting with your marketing strategy.
  3. What top brands are doing to get ahead of the marketing curve.

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Liam Loan-Lack Incoming Head of Marketing APAC CMC Capital Markets
Alex Hayes Principal Clear Hayes Consulting
Hal Crawford Media Consultant Crawford Media Consulting
Masahiro (Max) Ueno Managing Director, JAPAC Outbrain
Pippa Leary Managing Director - Client Product News Corp Australia

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